Who is Josephine Crawford?


My name is Josephine Jennifer Crawford.  I wear a number of hats and my passion for all cannot be missed, especially when you meet me in person.

Hat # 1 – The Acting Vice-Principal

The “hat” which explains this website is that of an acting vice-principal with a master’s in educational technology.  Covid-19 sent us home and I witnessed wonderful teachers from my school, scrambling and doing the best they could to engage our students online.

Yes, I must big-up the staff of Tivoli Gardens High School, located in West Kingston, Jamaica.  That same school on Industrial Terrace.  Yes, that’s the one.

Some teachers worked tirelessly to get our students to learn.  My phone went hot with teachers asking me to teach them to Zoom, use Jitsy, download videos, create videos, use different learning management systems.  I was tired, but I knew I had to serve.  I just had to deliver, and that I did.

The second wave of COVID pushed me to create yet another website (Online Teachers Cafe).  I am creating a space where teachers all over the world, but especially my colleagues, family, and friends can visit a “one-stop space” to learn about and access resources and tools available to teach online.

Hat # 2 – The Librarian and Teacher of Library Skills

Let me also hasten to add that I worked as a librarian for years.  Yes, a librarian who used only the latest available technology to capture the attention of her students and who kept them engaged for the entire school year.

This is where my excitement with technology began.  I always strived to be a better teacher and an excellent, in-demand librarian.  My job dictated that I needed to embrace technology in order to understand the wonderful souls entrusted to me.

Yes, I was always researching and learning new ways to engage my students and to get them to learn, and to become life-long learners, excited to read, explore and form their own ideas about how things worked, always answering the why, when, and the who.

Hat # 3 – The Diabetes Website Owner and Author

I am also the author and owner of a website.  Allow me to fill in some gaps here. Some time ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and I simply refused to accept it as a death sentence.  This led me to pursue extensive research in the said area and I also started to experiment on myself.

What I was learning needed to be shared.  If you knew me in person, then you would understand that sharing is in my DNA.  This is how I placed myself in a program, where I learned how to create and author a website.

In the event you are a bit curious, just click the word DIABETES to be taken to that website.  I gained a lot from creating this website about diabetes.

A Little More About My Classroom

Technology skills galore were at my fingertips, thanks to the diabetes website and I brought a lot of it to my classroom. Oh, yes!  I started downloading videos, creating my own videos using a variety of software.  I used a variety of software to create and edit infographics for my classes.

Games were a constant in my classes to review lessons and to generally get the attention of my boys.  Technology opened a new and exciting world for my students, through me.

A Note About a Friend – Maxine Reid

I cried a few times when I remembered Maxine Reid, my childhood friend who insisted that I would learn to use the computer, whether or not I wanted the skill. There are still days I wished she were here to see me with the computer.

So many times I wished cancer did not rob me of her presence in my class, encouraging me to try Audacity or to create an Online Jeopardy Game to be used in my lesson.  Okay, let me continue.  Yep, I still cry.

Why Online Teachers Cafe?

Laptop, cup of coffee and notepad

The Above, especially the new normal, “thanks to COVID-19,” means that teachers, whether or not they are tech-savvy, know how to use a computer, or even want to use a variety of technology to reach our students, must now rise to the occasion.

I know how scary this can be.  Trust me, I do.  I remember the days when Maxine slapped my hands and poked my head because she was sick of showing me how to copy and paste text in a document.  I remember when she visited my class and told me I was boring the children and that I should try to use the computer in my classes.  The point is, I understand.

Let’s take a brief look at the Online Teachers Cafe. The cafe bit tells my love for coffee.  I hope to make this a pleasant place where you can come with your cup of coffee, or whatever you choose to drink and learn without much stress.  I am reducing my sleeping hours, so that you can go to the Online Teachers Cafe to learn Zoom, Jitsy, Google Classroom, etc.

My promise is that you will find it a useful and pleasant site to visit.  You can now promise the children you teach that you are more confidently equipped to engage and challenge them to be the best of what they were created to become.

Contact Information

Please see my contact information below, and do feel free to keep in touch on a professional level:

Name:        Josephine Crawford

E-Mail:       josephine.crawford11@gmail.com


Below are some of my websites and social media pages:

Diabetes Website

Online Teachers’ Cafe

Library Skills Website  


YouTube Channel


Enjoy and may God continue to show you favor.