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What is Edmodo?


Edmodo is a social networking site for learning. It is in fact a learning management system available online. In Edmodo teachers and students can share videos and notes.  They can also share text and interact when they are away from the physical classroom.

Edmodo and Teachers

Teachers have to sign up for Edmodo. This can be done using your Google account, email, or your Office 365 account. One feature of Edmodo which is loved by teachers is that they do not have to share their phone numbers and email addresses with their students.

This was a nightmare when COVID-19 sent us home and some teachers took the initiative to teach using Whatsapp because this was the only way that some students could attend classes.  Students called and wrote at some hours when you felt they would have been in bed.  Some were less than kind with the things they emailed their teachers.

With Edmodo, the teacher gives the student an invitation to the class, by the way, a code. This implies that only invited students are allowed into your class.  Yippe, finally our numbers and email addresses can be private again!

Once you have your class setup then it is time to start sharing content with your students. Teachers can give quizzes, assignments, and polls to their students. One interesting feature loved by teachers is that they can give badges to their students. These can be used to reinforce the desired behavior/outcome.

Edmodo and Students

Please note that students are not forced to submit personal information.  They are permitted to join the class using the code provided by the teacher.

Edmodo gives the students an opportunity to receive immediate feedback from teachers.  Students are also able to reach out to their peers when they need assistance.

Edmodo and Parents/Guardians

It is interesting to note that Edmodo allows parents to join the platform as well. In this way, teachers can have support from parents who are given an opportunity to see what their children are doing in class.

Parents have the option of logging in as themselves or as their children.  This gives them an opportunity to see the work they are doing, they can also look at their assignments and grades.

When a student fails to complete on assignment this can be communicated to the parents using the Edmodo platform. Edmodo can also be used to inform parents about events that are about to take place at school.

Emodo and Video – Conferencing

One disadvantage of Edmodo is that it does not offer live streaming. This means that you cannot do video conferencing or webinars with your students. This is less-than-ideal for some of our students and teachers alike.

There are teachers who reported that once they learned how to Zoom, their students were excited to see them and they learned almost like when they were face to face.

Please bear in mind that this does not have to deter you from using Edmodo if you love the platform. It is always possible and may be wise to use a combination of tools to reach your students.  This means that an occasional Zoom lesson or other video conferencing lesson could prove beneficial for all.

I am now going to share with you a video that will explain the above and lots more. This video gives a good peek into the features of the EDMODO platform.

Time for the Video

Please go ahead and view the video below:


Gratitude – You are Appreciated

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and more particularly for reading this article and viewing the video. It is our aim to continue the point you in the direction of tools that will make that transition from face to face to online learning less scary.


Please, go ahead and leave your comments in the boxes below. We appreciate your feedback. You can also tell us the training videos you would like to see featured on the Online Teachers’ Cafe.

Colleagues enjoy your virtual classrooms.


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12 thoughts on “What is Edmodo?

  1. Thanks for this informative article, Josephine!

    I had never heard of Edmodo, so I appreciated your in-depth explanation of the system and its purpose. It seems like a great way for teachers and students to hold boundaries and keep their personal information private. It’s unfortunate that the platform doesn’t offer live streaming. That would be such a benefit to both teachers and students! Perhaps they’ll add that feature in the future. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hey Josephine,

    Edmodo sounds like a really good platform for home schooling. My niece and nephew are currently home schooling here in the UK and won’t be going back to school for a while. So I am going to share this article with my brother and my sister-in-law and see if this is something that would interest and help them.

    I will encourage them to comment on your post and get in touch with you if they have any issues or questions. Is that OK with you?

    I think they would enjoy your other articles and materials too.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  3. Hi Josephine,

    In your training, I have to be plain with you this is my first time of hearing Edmodo, not to talk of knowing that Edmodo is a social network for learning, wealthy affiliate as added values to my life and learning because I have learned different new things from wealthy affiliate program.

    Thank you.


    1. Aluko, I am happy that I am part of a community that adds value to your life.  All the best, and do continue to learn.

  4. very good article on what Edmodo is and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it and get to know it better. I really like hearing that parents can also sign up for the platform because it is very important in educating children that they can have access as parents. The downside is that there is no video streaming, which is very important now in Kovid’s time.

    1. Yes, I am happy too that parents can check-in and see what is happening with their children.  All is not lost as the teachers can incorporate video-conferncing such as Zoom, Teams, Jitsi, Google Meet, to name a few.

  5. Hello Josephine, there are quite a number of social networking sites for learning and since it’s been like that, you have to be careful not to go with the one with poor teachers and that’s why I read reviews and Edmodo is one that I really like so much for it’s mode of operation. It would be really cool to get one with them 

    1. Justin, administrators will make a decision concerning the platform which best meets their needs and then the teachers will create their learning spaces.  They will use the resources they would for the face to face environment.  Thanks for your comments and all the best.

  6. Edmodo is just like zoom but a little better and more specific to help the teachers and students foster remote teaching. I think the platform offers a win-win situation for both parties of parent-student and teachers too. This is one that I think I should recommend for my child’s classes. This is valid information that brings value to me.

    1. Suz, I am happy that you found the information to be of value.  2020 has been a rough one for all the stakeholders, but, we will be better for all the struggles and the lessons they taught us.  All the best Suz to you and your family. 

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