Google Classroom – A Complete Video Guide

This video is a complete tutorial about the features and use of Google Classroom.  It is a good training video on Google Classroom.  The presenter is very clear and makes it easy to understand. I am excited about how easy it is to learn from this video. Yes, it is lengthy but it is a one-stop-shop to learn Google Classroom.

Remember with YouTube you can watch 20 minutes at a time, take a break and return to exactly where you stopped. So colleagues please do not allow the length of this video to be a deterrent.

Video Topics – Google Classroom Teacher Training 2020 to 2021

I will be sharing with you the topics covered in this video. Let me admit that this is quite a list but I have included it so that you can see why you need to look at the entire video.

Here are some of the topics covered in this video:

  1. Choose roll
  2. Create a class
  3. Students joining a class
  4. Add a profile photo
  5. Class theme
  6. Notifications
  7. Unenroll from class
  8. Email your students
  9. Use Google meet
  10. Archive classes
  11. Class calendars
  12. Add material
  13. Copy a class
  14. Google Drive folders
  15. Edit class details
  16. Class code use
  17. Reorder class cards
  18. Add or remove co-teachers
  19. Remove a student
  20. Transfer ownership
  21. Student permissions
  22. Post announcement
  23. Edit in the stream
  24. Reuse a post
  25. Mute and un-mute students
  26. Delete or reply to comments
  27. Create assignments
  28. Edit in classwork
  29. Assignment comments
  30. Filter and organize topics
  31. Quiz assignments
  32. Create questions
  33. Form integration
  34. Download the app
  35. Add grade categories
  36. Return work
  37. Give feedback
  38. Use rubrics
  39. Originality reports
  40. Guardian summaries

Colleagues when you look at this list do you now understand why this particular video is a must-see if you will be using Google Classroom as your learning management system during this pandemic?


Go ahead and watch the video below.


Some Personal Highlights

Note that you can add a co-teacher to your classroom. You can also delete your co-teacher. This could be a place to add administrators in order to facilitate online walkthroughs.

It may be a good idea to reset your class code at the end of the term, end of the year, or if you find that students who are not supposed to be in your class are joining.

I like the idea that you can re-order your class cards. Maybe you teach a combination of grade 7 and 8 students. Being able to re-order your class cards means that you can organize all your grade 7 classes followed by all your grade 8 classes. I am sure that you can appreciate sorting your classes instead of going back and forth between grades 8 then 7 followed by grade 8 again.

Colleagues, please remember to disable Google meet once you are through with using that feature in your class. Think about what could be happening in your Google meet classroom in your absence.

Dreading Online Teaching – A Promise Kept

I promised you that teaching online can be a pleasant experience. I told you before that there is absolutely no reason to dread teaching online. The promise was made that I would walk you through and provide for you videos and tutorials which will make your job easier and that I would take some of the guessing and the searching out of the process for you.  I am pleased to say that as it relates to Google Classroom, that objective has been achieved using this video.

My colleagues, yes teaching online may be new for you but there is absolutely no reason for you to be scared. The resources to teach you will be included at the Online Teachers’ Cafe.  Yes, this very site you are currently visiting.

I promise I will virtually hold your hands as you embark on this exciting journey to help the nation’s children to be the best of what they were created to become.

Until our next meeting, God bless.



  1. Google Classroom:  Teacher Training (2020 – 21 SY).

18 thoughts on “Google Classroom – A Complete Video Guide

  1. Great article Josephine, thank you! As an online teacher myself, it’s important for me to know what platforms are available to me that what would best suit my classes.
    I suppose Zoom would be a major competitor for Google classroom, wouldn’t it?

  2. Great content and thank you for sharing Josephine.

    Online learning has become very popular nowadays especially since the lockdowns.

    My granddaughter finds that online teaching is great because she feels like it is one-on-one.

    I am surprised Google Classroom isn’t used by more teachers and students.

  3. Well now. Wonders never cease. I must thank Ms Crawford for sharing this site. Thanks to the video person who made the video. Once you approach the task with the right frame of mind and follow the instructions carefully. The task become quite easy. Please practice,practice,practice and you soon find it do able.

  4. This has got to be the best article and video walk through I have seen on google classrooms. I bookmarked this as I will be watching it again. Since the lockdown so many teachers are in need of this tutorial. Very well thought out by google I must say. Now that online learning is going mainstream I hope google will continue to add more features.

  5. This is an excellent resource for teachers as they head into a year (or more) of virtual teaching. As a TA, I’ve dreaded having to reorient my teaching style/methods so that they’re as effective as in-person. I’m glad you identified the fact that a lot of teachers are struggling to adapt during these unprecedented times. I really appreciated your positive perspective on how online teaching can indeed be a pleasant experience. 

    Thank you for all your insights. I’ll be back for more (later this semester)! 



    1. You are most welcome Murph and I thank you for your positive comments too.  The pleasure is mine to serve.  I will be adding to the site, so please feel free to return.  God bless and a wonderful and productive semester for you.

  6. Hello Josephine, thanks for this really wonderful information about Google class room. I have just started teaching some students an online course and since the lockdown, I really haven’t been teaching and I have been hearing about google classrooms which I feel would be really great to go about my teaching from now on. Cheers

    1. Justin, this is the perfect video to hold your hand through the process.  If you need any further assistance, please feel free to reach out to me.  All the best Justin.

  7. I must say it’s very thoughtful of you to share this article, Google classroom is a very nice and useful tool to use, if has a lot of cool features that makes it accommodating for you classes. This video guide is nice and understandable, I’ll follow the steps you’ve explained here 

  8. I feel that it is a good thing that I would be able to learn how to make use of Google classroom. I find that in the platform, there’s a wealth of things that we would be able to learn which is very nice. I’m grateful to you for sharing this kind o information. Thanks again.

    1. Yes Suz, Google Classroom has a lot of features.  I am so excited about teaching and learning even though we are suffering from the ills of a pandemic!  Cheers.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this here. To be honest, teaching online is actually very lucrative but having the right knowledge is the very first essential thing that everyone needs to learn about and understand. What you have shared here is really great and I value it all. Definitely will check this out.

    1. Today it is not so much about the money.  COVID-19 has changed our lives and online teaching is now a must and I think it is here to stay.  Stay safe Nath.

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