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Getting Started with Google Classroom

Google Classroom – Step by Step Guide for Teachers

I like this video below because you can follow the steps and create your class.  I have a good reason to show this video first.  By now, a lot of teachers are exposed to Google Classroom.  School has re-opened for some and for others, it is just around the corner.  I figured you may just want a head start with Google Classroom.

This video has left out the frills and has gone straight to the point.  The sound is a bit low, but I still like using the video. Here is a fraction of what you will learn:

  1. Setting up Google Classroom
  2. Creating your first Google Classroom
  3. Uploading a photo
  4. Selecting a theme
  5. Generate your class code to send to students
  6. Creating assignments
  7. Linking to a Youtube video


What exactly Can I do with Google Classroom?

Okay, so now that you see that it is easy to create a class and to add your students and lessons, let’s make sure you know all you can do with Google Classroom.  Read about the next video and make sure to watch it.   Maybe he speaks a bit fast for some of us, but, just focus and listen.  You will get what he is saying.

This video was done by Sam Kary a veteran teacher and an advocate for education technology.  He will leave you thinking about the following:

  1. Organizing Google Classroom
  2. Inviting students
  3. Using the class stream for announcements
  4. How to utilize and manage student comments
  5. Creating and setting up assignments
  6. How students submit their work
  7. Embedding Google Calendar and Google Drive
  8. Enabling parent notifications


You can use this video to learn about the features and to see exactly what you can do with Google Classroom.



How to add a Co-Teacher to Google Classroom

Do you need to add a teacher to your Google Classroom?  Maybe the other teacher is a co-teacher.  At my school we sometimes do team-teaching.  The fact that teaching online is new for many teachers, then this will allow for support in the classroom as well.

If you have the need to add a co-teacher, then here is an extremely short video that teaches you to do just that.



Please stay tuned for my number one Google Classroom Video.  Click here.



  1. Google Classroom basics for teachers
  2. How to add a co-teacher to Google Classroom
  3. How to use Google Classroom for remote teaching


6 thoughts on “Getting Started with Google Classroom

  1. Hello Crawford! Thank you very much for sharing this with me, I used google classroom few months before the pandemic and one think I liked about them was that it allows teachers to share work with their students by creating assignments, share files or links, quizzes and questions for their students.

  2. My school just added this to their requirements for when we resume. It seems they actually teamed up with Google for this and although the school released an article on how it works, I needed a video to show me before I could better understand it and here you are with two. Now after watching it, I’m sure I’ll have a neat class because it my better understanding of how it works.

  3. Since the need for a virtual means of learning has been growing and more people are favoring it these days due to the covid19 restrictions, I would say what you shared here is very good to see. Thank you so much. If It is permissible, I would like to give a trial to this google classroom too since it seems more advanced to cope with needs of the users.

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