Dreading Online Teaching

Dreading Online Teaching


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I know, you were pulled from teaching in a face to face classroom and now, suddenly you are tossed in an online learning environment.  Yes, you are scared, and why not?  Thus far, your online resume includes, a) Facebook, b) Twitter, c) Instagram, d) Youtube, and finally, the star of the day WhatsApp.

Maybe you had your first taste of online teaching and it was evident that you bored the students, and maybe even yourself.  That is normal.  Yes, I mean that.  It is.  A number of teachers were never exposed to teaching online.

Those were the Days – Chalk and Talk

Some of us worked in schools without modern tools to enhance our teaching and learning experiences.  Do you remember teaching and your only technology was a blackboard and the dust from the chalk?

Blackboard with the illustration of a skeleton and the word "biology."

Things got better as you graduated to a whiteboard, all be it, this one was made by the woodwork/carpentry teacher.  Yes, the same material used to make the kitchen counter at the time was your first whiteboard.  Hmmm, it was called Formica.  Memory back now?

They are insisting that you must teach online.  Yes, you are scared.  You are dreading online teaching.  How can they expect you to transition from no internet at your school, chalkboards, and the dusty old chalks to teaching online?

A Little Push from the Corona Virus

Here is the answer, a very simple answer too.  The situation we are currently faced with (COVID-19) is dictating the pace.  Guess what?  Later, after the help you receive on this site, you will be proud of the teacher you have become.

Yes, you will be happy, not for the lives changed in a negative way because of COVID, but the fact that you said yes to the change and you embraced online teaching and learning.  Allow me to say that if you are still reading, I am super proud of you and I can’t wait to share some cool ideas and tools with you.

This is a mini-poster with the words "what's next?"

Please do not worry.  Just keep visiting this little cafe for all the tips and guides you need for teaching online.  I mean just that.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, just drop us a note and we will help you in record time.

Here are some topics we will cover in the short term:

In my years of teaching, I discovered one interesting thing about some of the teachers I had the pleasure of interacting with – we prefer shorter articles.  Yes, we will end this article soon.

I am now convinced that you are feeling more confident now and ready to teach online.  Click on the next article to read and watch videos to help you on this beautiful journey.

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3 thoughts on “Dreading Online Teaching

  1. It’s no news how the coronavirus has affected a lot of things and we had to place them all on a halt. Of all that is affected, I have to say that the educational system has gotten it’s own blow and seeing how useful online lectures can be makes it all easy. I have been making use of the google classroom for my master classes and I feel it’s a great place to teach 

    1. Justin, it’s lovely to see a fellow colleague.  Thanks for stopping by my site.  You are appreciated. I believe that COVID is opening doors in the education we will not be able to close.  

      Some schools really needed to embrace technology a long time ago, and it is sad that it took something as devastating as a pandemic to move some governments, administrators, and teachers into action.  All that aside, God be praised! 

  2. This is where you write your comments. If you need us to do something for you, please let us know. We are happy to make tutorials, source videos, and write an article to share.

    The aim is for you to be comfortable teaching online. Yes, colleagues, this site is for you. Go ahead and make your comments.

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